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I am a qualified and registered homeopath, a member of Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I also have a postgraduate Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Syndrome Acupuncture as well as Diplomas in Chinese Herbal Materia Medica & Prescription and Chinese Cosmetic Acupuncture. I am a registered member of Chinese Medical Institute & Register.

I am an accredited CEASE Therapist with many years of experience in all therapeutic approaches for children & adults on the Autistic Spectrum.

My most important role in life is being a mum. My children have always been a source of joy as well as influence in my life. Their journey has lead me in my search for information and to expand my knowledge.

I have a special interest in ASD with extensive (over 18 years) knowledge in treatments such as nutritional therapies, gluten-free/casein-free diets, food allergies and intolerance, Tinus Smits homeopathic detoxification (CEASE), behavioural therapy (ABA/VB), sensory integration and many more therapies. I have found that homeopathy and acupuncture work very well together to support any other treatment used by individuals on autistic spectrum.

I have previously written an article on Balancing Midlife that you can view here.


"My son, A., is autistic, we started homeopathic treatment for him in 2009. In 2011, I happened to connect with Jacqueline Smirl through a private ASD parent group on facebook, and I quickly recognised Jacqueline's knowledge towards Homeopathy and her passion on helping our autistic children, as herself is a parent who has a son on the autistic spectrum.

Jacqueline is also an accredited CEASE practitioner, I always wanted A. to try CEASE therapy so I immediately contacted Jacqueline and had her take over A.'s case. During the 8 months CEASE treatment, there was of course lot of ups and down, but one thing being certain is some layers of A.'s mental fog had been lifted by the DTaP clearing. And I was very pleased with Jacqueline's skills and her prompt reply on all my questions and concerns throughout the treatment. At last, I even put myself (I have chronic migraine), and my two other typical kids (for a stronger and more balanced immune system) under the care of Jacqueline.

Jacqueline is not only our homeopath, she has also become one of my good friends, who truly understands a mother with special needs children, and treats her patients with care!"

-S. Y. USA

"Thank you for showing me the way on my Homeopathic journey... Everything has been explained to me every step of the way and your confidence gives me confidence.

What a calm & brilliant Homeopath you are, the knowledge you have is amazing and it shows in your approach, just how you care for your clients.

As I begin to learn more about Homeopathy myself, the more I see how a good Homeopath simply has to care deeply about what they are doing, and I am glad I found someone who does just that.

Homeopathy is working for myself and my son, who has had problems after his vaccines. Thank goodness I found this lifeline and a good Homeopathic practitioner to guide me."

-W. D. Cheshire

"Our son Kit was born in December and had blocked eyes - I had been to the doctor several times who said it would clear up in due course. This did not happen - at around 5 1/2 months I started to introduce solids, which he refused. We spoke to Jacqueline who was fantastic - she sat us down for a good 1.5 hour to discuss Kit asking us lots of questions, we gave her a detailed description of Kit, his character, the symptoms, his behaviour etc. She then went on to prescribe us 2 types of homeopathic medicine to clear up the congestion and to calm him - within days there was a clear improvement and by the end of the week he was swallowing more easily and his eyes were clearing up - he was also a lot calmer at the prospect of being given solid food. I would thoroughly recommend Jacqueline, not only because her methods work, but also because I felt very secure and safe in her method and in the way in which she handled our situation."
-C. N. London

"I consulted with Jacqueline a few years ago when I was feeling unwell .It was after the loss of my father, I suffered from depression and quite severe asthma symptoms for almost a year, which meant I had to resort to using steroid puffers. Having been a professional dancer for many years, I have learnt the importance of staying healthy and keeping my body in top shape by exercise and good diet. However, there have been times in my life when a good lifestyle has just not been enough to stay healthy and help me recover from an ailment. I had used homeopathy effectively in the past so I decided to see a homeopath for my asthma, as I didn't want to have to use puffers for the rest of my life! Jacqueline gave me a remedy, which almost immediately relieved the tightness I felt in my chest. She also gave me a remedy to replace my puffer, which I had become very dependent on. Her treatment was very effective.

I found homeopathy a very efficient and simple way of treatment, without any adverse side effects. Jacqueline was an excellent practitioner who made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She was a very supportive practitioner and confident in her diagnosis whilst being open to my input. Jacqueline helped me through a difficult period and remains someone I would consult without hesitation should the need arise."

-S. T. London

"I first decided to see a homeopath as I had been to so many doctors about my recurring migraines, but their solutions were always just to give me a quick fix of taking paracetamol, never actually taking the time to work out what the cause might be. I had also been to allergy testers and back specialists.

I was getting recurring migraines every 5 weeks to the dot. I meet Jacqueline who suggested I come to her. Our first meetings were very relaxed. She was very helpful at explaining the philosophy of homeopathy and telling me how they approach it.

Our first meeting we discussed my life and patterns, when the migraines started, what I might think was the reason for them, and what was happening in my life during the period. It was amazing as I never felt as if I was being examined but thought of it more as just a chat where we were getting to know one another before the treatment and proper physical examination began. At the end of the first session she had already pinpointed what the problem might be.

I had moved to Italy and met a man (now my husband) at about the same time the migraines started. I had always presumed the headaches were from wine, or tomatoes or something in the diet as they had started when I arrived in Italy. But as Jacqueline pointed out, I had drunk wine and eaten tomatoes before Italy. But a serious boyfriend, that was the new factor, I had started taking the pill. I had never made the association as my migraines occurred every 5 weeks and my cycle was every four weeks. The day that I stopped taking the pill, I stopped having migraines. It was astonishing. All those years spent trying to find the problem and being given headache pills by doctors, and it was something as simple as the pill. All it needed was for someone to spend a little time with me to work it out. I then followed a course of treatment to detoxify the pill during which time I had a massive migraine. This has been over two years ago and I have not had a migraine since.

Jacqueline was so wonderful at making me feel at ease, so much so that I thought we were just having a friendly chat, when in actual fact she was working out exactly the cause of my migraines and coming up with solutions."

-A.W. London

"When I first went to Jacqueline I had been under a lot of stress and felt that the left side of my face was drooping slightly.

After even a couple of sessions the difference in my face was really amazing. The combination of the Cosmetic acupuncture + the homeopathy worked really well together."

I felt like I benefited profoundly on all levels. Jacqueline is a highly skilled practitioner with a wealth of knowledge. She is a treasure and I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

-L. V. London

I have known Jacqueline for a long time. I was chatting to her and complaining about being fed-up & feeling low & depressed, so she quickly looked at my tongue & felt my pulse and asked a few questions about my diet, sleep pattern, general habits, likes & dislikes. She suggested a few little changes in my diet and prescribed me a classic Chinese herbal formula.

I have quite a good diet and don't like taking medication but she assured me that unlike western medication, Chinese herbal formulae are like food supplements, nourishing us and replacing what is missing from our diet. She told me that I would not become "hooked" on them and I can stop them without adverse effect.

I began with a 6 weeks course. I felt so great so I continued for another 6 weeks, then I stopped. I began to feel less well so I repeated another 6 weeks, the last 2 weeks I stopped and realized I didn't need to take it any longer. Jacqueline explained that it had taken me a few years to become low in certain vitamins & minerals in my body and the herbs had helped to gradually replenish these deficiencies and now I am feeling up beat and happy.

I'm grateful to have her as a friend! She is very caring and wise.

-D. W. London


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